Low prices. High quality. Maximum efficiency

How can we offer superior ADU construction for a surprisingly low cost? It’s all about prefabrication and a streamlined process.

Our initial process

First steps

What to expect, start to finish

Free virtual property assessment

First you’ll fill out our short online assessment form. One of our experts will let you know, typically within a day, whether building an ADU on your property is feasible. If so, we’ll set up a video chat with you to present our initial proposal and discuss basic design options.

In-person site visit

We’ll survey your property and discuss specific design selections with you. Then we’ll create a detailed project proposal that includes the scope of work, cost, and estimated timeline. Once you sign off on the cost, it’s locked in place—no surprises down the road.

Permitting and site prep

While you’re dreaming of where to hang the “Home Sweet Home” sign, we’ll be creating plans and pulling permits. You’ll be glad we handle the many required documents and the back-and-forth with local agencies.

Once permits are approved, we order your home from our trusted manufacturer and begin working with local contractors preparing your property. Site prep for the ADU  includes clearing the area and building the foundation.

In the rare case that permits aren’t approved, you’ll get your $1,000 deposit back.


The big day! Your ADU will be delivered to your house via truck. The installation, exterior and interior finishing, utility hookups, and final inspection typically take a month or two. Then your new home is move-in ready.

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