CALHFA ADU $40,000 in San Diego County

CALHFA $40,000 ADU GRANT FUNDS now available for Myadu4less ADU CLIENTS in Ventura County

Recent changes to the CALHFA ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Grant program now make it easier and less expensive for homeowners in Ventura  County to build a prefabricated ADU by applying the $40,000 ADU grant to ADU predevelopment costs. This ADU Grant is FREE money and does not need to be repaid thereby lowering the overall cost of ADU by $40,000!!!  

What is an ADU?

ADUs aka Granny Flats are tiny homes built in the backyard of the primary residence and can be used as a rental property or to create more space for a family (retired parents, returning students, etc)

Why is State granting $40,000 to homeowners to build an ADU?

The CALHFA $40,000 Accessory Dwelling Unit Grant Program objective is to create more housing units in California by providing a grant for predevelopment costs and non-reoccurring closing costs associated with the construction of the ADU.

 What is the fastest way to build an ADU?

Myadu4less is the premier general contractor of prefabricated ADUs in Ventura  County with hundreds of ADUs under construction. Prefabricated construction is faster, less expensive, and less intrusive to residents during construction. They have many predesigned floor plans on their website

How can I access the $40,000 CALHFA ADU grant for my ADU in Ventura  County?

There are 3 ways to access the $40,000 CALHFA ADU Grant in Ventura  County

1.   Financing

  Use   Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Second Mortgage, or Cash Out Refinance from your primary residence.  Proceeds of the loan must be placed in an escrow account and then the CALHFA $40,000ADU GRANT funds will be added to the account. All funds will be disbursed according to the completion of your ADU project’s phases, overseen by our HUD Certified Inspectors. No money will be given directly to the homeowner. If there are remaining funds upon completion of the project, those funds will go toward rate reduction or principal reduction.  

2.   Cash

Use the cash from savings, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Cash Out Refinances, or a loan from family/friends to finance your prefabricated ADU.   Cash must be placed in an escrow account. Once the escrow account is funded, CALHFA $40,000  ADU GRANT FUNDS will be deposited into the same escrow account. The funds will be distributed to US Modular to build your ADU. All projects will be overseen by HUD Certified Inspectors.

3.   Combination of Cash and Finance

A combination of cash and financing is allowable and will require funds to be deposited into an escrow account and then the CALHFA $40,000 ADU GRANT funds will be added to the account.

 What are the basic rules to get the $40,000 CALHFA ADU Grant in Ventura  County?

–       Homeowners must use the existing home as a primary residence

–      Homeowners must not exceed   Income limits  of  $159,000 in Ventura  County

–        Present a completed application ( US Modular has a list of approved lenders who will help you obtain a Grant)

–    Provide an Itemization list for pre-development costs. US Modular will provide an itemized budget for the application  which will include   architectural designs, permits, soil tests, impact fees, property surveys, energy reports, and utility hookups

See a list of lenders that can  help with financing and CAlHFA  $40,000 ADU Grant in Ventura  County  at

 Why build an ADU in Ventura  County?

With the housing shortage and interest rates climbing demand for rental units is skyrocketing. Many Myadu4less clients in  Ventura  County are building ADUs in their back yard as rental units and using the $2,000-$3,500 / month in rent to pay off loans and put money in her pocket.  Others are building ADUs for aging parents – to bring them closer to home yet give them privacy or for young adults /students that need some help with rent.   The

How do I know if an ADU will fit in my yard?

The ADU experts at Myadu4less can help you choose the right ADU for your yard, budget, and utilization.  Call today to set if a FREE Site Assessment to see in an ADU is right for you!

The CALHFA $40,000 ADU grant is an excellent incentive for families to help build generational wealth by utilizing space in the backyard and generating income and increasing the value of the primary home.

 Contact ADU experts at Myadu4less  to see if an ADU is right for you and to get access to CALHFA Grant  info  by calling 951 679 9907 or email or by visiting the ADU website

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