MyADU4Less ADU Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ):

Every person who is exploring the concept of building an ADU on their property has many questions. We try to answer many of the questions we are frequently asked…but it is not an exhaustive list. This is big decision – so feel free to contact our ADU experts to help you make the decision if an ADU is right for you !!!

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are additional homes built on existing single or multifamily residential properties. They’re also known as backyard homes, guest houses, casitas, mother- in-law units, and granny flats. There are many different types of ADUs, including both separate structures located in a back or side yard (detached) and conversions of existing spaces such as basements, attics, and garages (attached). MyADU4Less specializes in Detached ADUs.

In 2020 and 2021, new laws were passed making it easier for Californians to build ADUs. Major changes to zoning regulations, permit requirements, and developmental standards went into effect making it easier and faster and cheaper to build an ADU on your property.
On most single family residential lots you can build one detached ADU and one junior ADU (a unit no more than 500 square feet located within the home). If you live on a multifamily lot you may be able to build two detached ADUs .
Majority of ADU projects can be finished in 12 months – but there are many variables – including how fast you choose your floor plan with finishes and material availability. Covid is still wreaking havoc on construction industry with labor and material shortages.

We are prefabricated construction specialists. Our ADUs are built in a factory to ANSI – American National building code (Tiny Homes), Federal/HUD building code (Manufactured Home) or CBC/Local Building code (MyADU4Less Home). We choose to build prefabricated construction as we have more control over time line and quality of construction. Also prefabricated construction is less disruptive to residents of home and neighborhood as our time onsite is minimal.

Yes – prefabricated homes (Manufactured and Modular) are a style of construction and cannot be denied by your city.
We recommend ordering your home while we are still in permit phase to shorten overall built time.
According to new state laws, an additional parking spot is not needed if the ADU is located within a half mile of a public bus stop or rail station; is on a street that requires on-street parking permits but the permit has not been offered to the occupant of the ADU; or is located within one block of a public car-share program. If you do not meet this requirement – we will need to show a space on your lot for a ADU parking and this can be on existing driveway as a tandem space .
In most cases setbacks in rear and side yards have been reduced to 4 feet. Setback from primary home to the ADU varies by city and is typically between 5’-10’.
No. The new state regulations specifically prohibit HOAs from interfering with ADU construction.
Most cities will assign a separate address for the ADU

The primary home will not be reassessed—ADUs do not trigger Prop 13. Typically your property tax will be recalculated based on a blended assessment, which will increase your annual property tax by about 1 percent of the value of the ADU.

Once you have chosen your ADU model – we will provide a contract and a payment schedule for that model.
We offer all-inclusive pricing for standard sites. If your lot has special circumstances (hillside, sewer pumps, septic, crane etc) we determine any additional fees charges for extra site work, upgrades, etc. with you upfront so you know your full cost to build an ADU.
An ADU can increase property value and therefore can boost the price of the primary home when it’s time to sell. However, many factors go into home prices, and every case is unique.

The Silver and Gold floor plans have limited options to change floor plans but interior of units do have some flexibility and upgrades available. ModPro series is a custom plan and we can make changes to these plans and /or create a custom floor plan.

Our standard Silver/Gold flooring options include carpet and linoleum, with the option to upgrade to vinyl plank. ModPro has Vinyl Plan and Engineered Wood options.

We cannot make a home officially ADA-compliant but will work with you to install features to make the unit more accessible, such as wider doors, shower with grab bars and wheelchair ramps.
Many properties can accommodate an ADU, and we offer ADUs ranging 160 sq ft to 1,200 sq ft. To determine if property can fit an ADU, contact us for a free Virtual site assessment.
Foundations are engineered by an engineer to meet State and Federal standards for Wind, Snow, and Earthquakes. Exterior foundation walls are concrete block stem walls.

In most cities ADUs are allowed to connect to primary home’s water, sewer, electricity and gas. MyADU4Less will make these connections.

Typically a primary residence will need 200 amp panel. If less we can work with you and electric provide to determine is a upgrade of panel or a separate meter is best for your ADU.
Many homes on septic are sized for the primary home only. We will need analyze existing size of septic system to determine if upgrade is needed .

Our units Silver/Gold ADUs come outfitted with a gas or electric furnace and the ModPro has a Mini Split system. Both are A/C ready.

Cities often have special building regulations for hillside construction. Feasibility of hillside construction must be determined on a case-by-case basis.
ADUs built with Prefabricated construction efficiencies, can cost up to 45 percent less per square foot than a newly constructed traditional site-built ADU . Specific prices vary based on the home, location, and scope of work.
No. The new state regulations specifically prohibit HOAs from interfering with ADU construction.

That is a question only you can answer but we can provide a few reasons why it might:

  • You need extra space for aging parents or kids and its expensive for them to live in an apartment
  • You want extra income and have unused space on your property.
  • As an example – in many areas of Southern California a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment is $2000 per month. If you finance a $200,000 ADU with a home refinance and use the equity of your home – typical payments on this loan is $900-$1000 / month . Economically it seems to make sense as it can save family members on rent or help you earn $ every month. Contact us to help you choose the Right ADU for you!!
Yes we do!!!
We love getting referrals and helping friends / family / clients build their own home of ADU. We will send a referral fee to you if they build a new home or an ADU with us..
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