ADU conversion

All You Need To Know About ADU Conversion Los Angeles

To begin, it is critical to fully comprehend what an ADU conversion is and the building procedure that goes into it. Most of these buildings are created by converting a detached garage into your backyard. This conversion includes the addition of a bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom/living space, and structural modifications. ADUs may function as a completely distinct living area (think: studio apartment).

ADU in Los Angeles

The cost of converting a garage to an ADU in Los Angeles is determined by many variables, including 

• the size of your garage

 • the age of the garage

 • the features and amenities added to your garage makeover

• your budget.

In Los Angeles, the total cost of an extra housing unit should be between $80,000 and $125,000.

The Building Period For An ADU Is Around Three Months.

However, when considering what a garage conversion requires and where your money goes, we prefer to divide it into three major stages:

1. Ordinances, Permitting and Planning for ADUs

2. The ADU Building

3. Completion of Los Angeles ADU Ordinances, Permitting, and Planning

Building an ADU requires permission and the necessary licenses from the city where you live. The cost of these licenses varies depending on where you reside and how the city governs this sort of development. The typical cost of an ADU permit in Los Angeles is $3,000, while other localities, such as Pasadena, might charge up to $20,000.

A Lot Of Red Tape And Variations

Because there is a lot of red tape and variations from city to city, obtaining permits can be highly irritating and complex for homeowners. We always suggest choosing an expert contractor to handle the permits, zoning, and laws.

When we accomplish this for customers, we coordinate permit procurement and create the architectural designs required by the city to authorize the project. Those blueprints will also consider your preferred layout and features. Your ADU conversion contractor will likely charge you roughly $7,500 for the permit acquisition and garage conversion designs if you go this way.

Costs Of ADU Construction

Your garage conversion will begin in earnest after you’ve met your city’s ADU criteria. Your ADU contractor will start by removing the existing structure and preparing the foundation for the remainder of the remodeling. That involves mending and painting the outside as well as strengthening the framework.

Unanticipated Building Issues

Keeping this in mind, there may be specific unanticipated building issues that may incur additional costs. Typical difficulties include • Failure to build a suitable foundation may occur with older garages constructed on a concrete slab.

• Reinforcing inadequate framework to provide stability to the house

• Additional pipe and excavating to connect your new kitchen sink, toilet, and shower to the sewage system.

The ADU conversion contractor will next begin work on the inside, including framing, painting, electrical, and plumbing. Doors, windows, flooring, and kitchen cabinets will be installed. Similarly, they will handle the installation of an air conditioner and a water heater to guarantee that tourists and inhabitants alike may enjoy its facilities all year.


Appliances, tiling, lighting, fixtures, worktops, bathroom vanities, and other finishes are among those available. The finishes are usually placed as part of the building expense, although they are not included in your contractor’s price. That is because most customers prefer to browse around and choose their finishes rather than having their contractor do it. That enables homeowners to personalize their environment further and add their personalities.