ADU Torrance

Building of an ADU Torrance

Are you interested in building an ADU (Additional Domestic Unit) in Torrance? This article will help you learn more about ADU Torrance. Below is some basic information on Torrance ADU regulations.

Allowed locations ADUs can be placed on your property, provided that residential uses are permitted. However, exceptions may be made. It would be best if you also had a single-family or proposed single-family residence. Minimum lot size. Good news! Your property can be of any size to be eligible for an ADU. There are no restrictions on the lot size. Maximum number of ADUs permitted. A single-family home can have only one or two ADUs. The type of ADU built and the number of dwelling units already on the property will determine the maximum number of ADUs allowed for multi-family properties.

Square footage maximum. The type of ADU Torrance that you are interested in the building will determine the total size of your ADU. This means that the maximum size for a detached ADU in your home will differ from that for an attached ADU.Maximum height. It is recommended to build an ADU that is at least one story high and 16 feet wide.

Minimum setbacks. ADUs attached and detached must be at least 4ft from your property’s side or rear property lines. ADU conversions and junior ADUs should be at a safe distance from each other to ensure that fire safety is maintained.

Parking. Parking is not required for conversion ADUs or junior ADUs. ADUs attached and detached will need one space unless your project qualifies to be exempt from parking requirements.

The Benefits of ADUs

ADU Torrance offers many benefits! These include:

Rental income. Your property’s location, the ADU size, and the amenities of the ADU will all affect the rental amount. Property value will increase. Your property value will increase 100 times the ADU’s monthly rent value. If your ADU is rented out at $1,000 per month, your property value will rise by approximately $100,000.Housing to relatives, friends, and caregivers: ADUs can house adult children who have returned home, elderly parents, and those who care for the elderly and children.

Chance to downsize and still be part of your community.

Torrance ADU FAQs

What time does it take to design, plan and build an ADU

It will depend on many factors, such as the design you choose, whether the ADU is made in-house or prefabricated in a factory, and the availability of an architect or builder.

What is the Cost of an ADU? 

An ADU’s price depends on many factors, such as its size, design, manufacturing cost, and whether it is constructed on-site or in a factory.

Are ADUs Able to be Rented? 

It is possible to rent your ADU, but most cities prohibit rentals for a short period of time. You can only rent your ADU for a month or more. Is the owner required to live on the ADU-built property? Generally speaking, only a JADU will need that the property owner lives on it.

How does an ADU Affect Property Value? 

ADUs will increase your property’s value. It is hard to predict exactly how much, but your property’s value will likely increase 100 times the ADU rental value. As a result, the value of your property will rise by approximately $150,000 if your ADU is rented out at $1,500 per month.

How does Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit Affect Property Taxes? 

The additional value of an ADU will cause your property taxes to rise slightly. Your property’s base value will not be reassessed. If an ADU adds $100,000 to the property’s value, and your property taxes rate is 1.1%, your property tax will increase by $1,100 ($100,000. x 1.1 spans>