ADU Regulations

Chula Vista California ADU Regulations in 2024

What is all the buzz about ADUs in Chula Vista?

What is an ADU?

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit aka granny flat, aka a small home that can be built in your backyard and used for extended family, friends, or as a rental property.

It can be attached to or detached from the main house.

The State of California is leading the nation in ADU development and regulations, and a great summary can be seen in the ADU handbook published by the State of California:

One of the most affordable types of ADUs is a prefabricated home. One of Chula Vistas most active prefabricated ADUs builders in Chula Vista is USModular Inc.  “ADUs are becoming very popular for home owners looking to generate rental income in their backyard or for families that have children or elderly parents moving home, as it gives everybody their own space, is affordable and ADU the value of the property,” says Todd Kesseler, CEO of USModular Inc. (

Some of the highlights of the State of California ADU regulations include:

  • Every residential property in California is allowed to have one ADU of up to 800 sq ft regardless of lot size, floor area ratio, or main residence size.
  • This ADU can be up to 16 feet in height.
  • Homeowners can build one attached ADU, one detached ADU, and one JADU all on the same property.
  • Cities must allow at least 850 square feet for one-bedroom ADUs and at least 1,000 if the ADU has two or more bedrooms. Cities cannot impose smaller maximum sizes, but they can impose larger ones.  Every city has specific regulations for size and bedroom count above 800.
  • Setbacks: Most cities have side yard and rear yard setbacks at 4′, but there are some cities that allow 0’ setbacks, and some areas have fire department regulations that require 5’ setbacks. The bottom line is that side and rear yard setbacks are much smaller now for ADUsP
  • Parking: Most cities want to see one off-street parking space on your property for the ADU, except when your home is located within ½ mile to public transit
  • Fire Sprinklers are required if Main house has them or if ADU is not close to a fire hydrant.
  • Multifamily properties are allowed multiple ADUs  
  • Solar panels are not required for prefabricated ADUs but may be required on a site built ADU
  • Condo your ADU – This is a new State of Ca law and id/when adopted by cities – you will be allowed to sell your ADU as a separate unit.

City of Chula Vista ADU regulations are the most progressive in State of California!

 Chula Vista has a Population of  Population: 243,916
Median property value: $ 531,700
Single-family properties: 53,629

Persons per household: 3.3
Median rental value: $ 2,609
Multi-family properties: 26,516

Based on Chula Vista population, number of Single-Family Homes, Multifamily Properties and the Rental Value there is a lot of opportunity for ADU construction in Chula Vista.

 City of Chula Vista ADU regulations:

What is prefabricated construction?

Prefabricated construction means homes are built off-site in a factory, just like your car and the majority of every other items you use in your daily life.  Prefabricated Homes are also known as Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes.  Prefabricated Home plans are pre-approved by State of California. These homes are designed, reviewed, approved and inspected by State of California.     The main benefit of Prefabricated Homea are they are less costly, faster to build in factory and have lees impact on homeowners and neighbors. USModular  Inc is a premier contractor of prefabricated home with over 40 years of experience in industry .  You can see the available floor plan and pricing at