How to do Pomona Garage ADU Conversions

How To Do Pomona Garage ADU Conversions

Granny Flats can be a well-known kind of ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit. This kind is referred to as “Granny” since they generally include grandparents as well as any other members of the family. Because of rising living costs, it’s not unusual for older people or those just starting out to reside on the same property as family members. Multi-generational housing is a thing that has always been around but recently has seen a revival because rents are rising and incomes aren’t growing as fast. We will take a look at the conversion of Granny plat into Pomona ADU.


ADU (also known as Accessory Dwelling Units as they are officially known are tiny or tiny homes. They are akin to a detached or backhouse studio. They come with all the comforts of a house but on a smaller scale. ADUs are available in three styles: Attached, Interior, or Detached.

Interior ADUs are typically found in the attic or basement. Attached are independent buildings situated on the same property as the principal residence. They are usually referred to as a guest or back homes. Attached houses are constructed alongside the central place but with separate entrances. Each kind of ADU comes with a special price and style.

The Benefits Of Having a Garage Conversion In Pomona 

  • Your equity in your home will explode when that ADU has been completed
  • Your parents should live nearer to you, to allow you to manage to take care of them
  • You can pay off your home much quicker
  • Earn up to $1,000 extra per month
  • Live your life with less stress and less stressed
  • Get the lake home you’ve always dreamed of (wait, it’s my goal)

The Construction of Garage Conversions in Pomona

Creating a Granny Flat is between $70,000 and $120,000. Permits are typically priced between $2,000 to $5,000. The ADU architectural designs could cost about the same. This may sound like a lot, but when you consider you’re building a tiny house with all the features of a large home, it’s minor compared to the construction of a second house.

The cost can differ depending on the location, size, and materials utilized. Some porches can be built in all shapes and sizes and lofts to maximize the space and create a cozy feel! While you may think that having a tiny home within your property to help take care of the ill or elderly or even help relatives is awe-inspiring and is a fantastic means of keeping in touch and connected, it can also be beneficial for your property’s worth. A small addition of a second home and rental property to the property you currently own will increase the value of your property should you choose to sell. It will let you ask for a better price and draw more buyers because renting out a property is growing in popularity.

Pamona Regulations Allowed places

 You can generally put one ADU within your property, provided residential uses are permitted. However, some exceptions might apply. In addition, you need to have an existing or planned single-family residence and an already existing multi-family structure (which could be described as a fancy term to describe a duplex, triplex, or another type of condominium or apartment construction).

Minimum lot size. The good thing is that your property can be of any size and qualified to be an ADU. There aren’t any limitations on the size of your lot.

Amount of ADUs permitted. If you own an individual-family dwelling, it is possible to typically be allowed to have only one or even two ADUs on the property. The amount of ADUs permitted for multi-family properties will depend on the type of ADU built and the number of dwelling units currently on the property.

The Maximum Size of the Area

 The size of your ADU is determined by the kind of ADU you’re looking to construct. In other words, the size of an attached ADU located on the property will differ from the size that is allowed for one connected ADU situated on the property.

Minimum setbacks

 Pomona ADU that is attached and detached ADUs must be constructed at least four feet from your property’s sides. The rear property lines and the conversion ADUs and junior ADUs should be set back at a suitable distance to guarantee fire security.