The construction of An ADU in San Bernardino, California

How to Apply for Westminster ADU

If you want to build  Westminster ADU, Please read the following information.

The Process

Suppose your project is limited to one accessory unit and a junior dwelling unit. The Planning Division and the Building Division can handle zoning clearance and permit plan checking. The steps involved in this process are listed below. It is the property\’s owner and the contractor\’s duty to oversee the project and adhere to the rules and regulations that apply to the project.

Step 1: Design

  • Verify the viability of your project.
  • Engage an experienced general contractor or architect who is experienced in residential buildings.
  • Start to create an ADU that is in line with the Zoning Code, flood zone rules (if relevant) as well as the objectives of the property owner.

Step 2: Pre-Screen

  • It would be best if you were granted permission to proceed with the following step. The property owner and the hired professional must call each division to inquire about screening.
  • Pre-screening appointments are strongly recommended. Contact the divisions directly to make an appointment.
  • Important note: Pre-screening can take about 45-60 minutes to finish. This City Hall counter closes at 5:15 p.m. So, be sure to plan your schedule. Only show up at the counter for up to 30 minutes before closing time, or you\’ll be refused. Also, if you have multiple ADU to be pre-screened, the City staff will screen one ADU and assist other customers in the lobby. Then, they will go back to screen the remaining ADUs.

Step 3: Develop construction plans

  • After pre-screening, a designer or architect will create construction plans per California Building Code and Fire Code that includes frames and foundation plans, electrical plans, mechanical plan, plumbing Title 24, energy calculations, etc.

Step 4: Review

  • Once the construction plans have been finalized, they will be sent to the Community Development Department for a formal review.

Step 5: Construction

  • After construction plans are approved by all relevant departments, agencies, and divisions, the building permit is issued to start construction.
  • Inspections will be conducted in the course of construction.

Zoning Code

Zoning codes are specific to every city. It is, therefore, essential to understand and read the Zoning Code when proposing any project in the city. You can guide your design by reading and understanding the Zoning Code.

New Westminster ADU ordinance approved.

A new ordinance for accessory dwelling units and minor, junior accessory units to conform the city\’s code with the state\’s law was passed at Westminster City Council on Wednesday night. Westminster City Council Wednesday night.

Four council members were in support, with one council member Chi Charlie, and Vice Mayor Nguyen abstaining.

The junior accessory unit could have an area limit in square footage of 500 feet, and if a garage is transformed into a JADU with parking, the area removed would not need to be repaired.

The units will be constructed in areas zoned for residential single-family use on the same property as an existing home.

Debate on this ordinance

In the debate on this ordinance, it was pointed out that any addition of an accessory unit will likely cause an increase in property taxes to be paid. In addition, the state\’s law stipulates that solar panels be included in any new construction.

Three council members – Kimberly Ho, Carlos Manzo, and Tai Do – voted to have the city manager as well as the finance director and director of community development present at this council\’s next meeting a presentation on the city\’s budget for two years plan, as well as the possible effects on the city\’s finances if voters decide not to extend the Measure SS tax, which is one cent.

Ho, as well as the remainder of the majority, connected the proposed building with sales tax based on the fact that a drastic decrease in tax revenue could shift city priorities away from a city hall that is being built as well as that it would be difficult to see the \”visual\” of such a structure under construction when people were requested to approve the sales tax would undermine the support for the tax.

Mayor Tri Ta and Nguyen argued that there was no connection between Steve Sheldon\’s Civic Center project and Measure SS, but they were defeated.