How To Do ADU Conversion into Garages 2022

How To Do ADU Conversion Into Garages 2022

Most homeowners have things in their garages. Why should you squander that space when you can do ADU Conversion into a living room? The transformation of a garage into a home by making the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a win-win-win. That allows you to transform under-utilized space into equity within your home.Making a garage into an apartment or house and making the most of space rather than expanding it is crucial. And that’s why ADU transformations can be so appealing.

What’s An ADU Conversion Into a Garage?

ADUs (also called granny flats) were legalized for the first time in 2017. They can help use the existing infrastructure by building new homes without causing disruption to areas or developing properties. It’s a general definition since there are various ADUs. However, all you need to do is be aware that some are connected to existing buildings, and some sit on their land. This article will examine the cost of converting a garage into an ADU. And the logistics of building a detached ADU, maybe that is made from garages or sheds. At the same time, in other cases, they are constructed from scratch.

How Do I Transform My Garage Into A Small Home?

If you adhere to guidelines, the issues to convert your garage to the use of an ADU or granny apartment, or granny flat shouldn’t be an issue when permits are denied. Still, there are many regulations to keep in mind. When you’re planning on converting your garage or creating your own ADU yourself. If you’re not planning to build it yourself. Contact ADU is available in Los Angeles to discuss the best way to help you create an ADU!

ADU Conversion connected to a building must be set 4 feet back from the property line; however, when renovating an existing garage (or creating a new structure entirely), the rules don’t apply. For the maximum dimensions of your ADU, a single granny flat can be capped in size at around 1200 square feet. That is a solid studio house. If you’re building it yourself, you can take a few actions to ensure you’re effectively making your garage.


First, you need to get architecture and engineering designs that are compliant with the local building codes that can differ based on the county and city. You’ll then have to submit the plans to permit approval. Plans for any ADU Conversion need to include several facilities and rooms to gain approval from local authorities. A granny flat’s bathroom should have at least 30 sq. feet (and include an en suite bathroom, sink, and shower stall or tub). A kitchen has 50 square feet and a bedroom/living room which is 70 % square. Construction materials also are subject to regulation. You can’t use single-piece composites, laminates, and interlocked metal sheathing to make the siding, and the roof isn’t permitted to be constructed from wood shingles. It should also have a 2:12 pitch to cover more than 50% of the roof’s area. Windows, however, need to be at the minimum double-paned glass and marked for use in construction and not have exterior trim.

What Will It Cost Me To Transform My Garage Into An ADU?

In addition to the expenses related to the design, permits, and contracting with a contractor for site preparation and construction, the construction of an ADU garage conversion may cost between $80,000 and $150,000, and occasionally even more.