What makes it so tough to find a professional ADU contractor?

When you hire a professional ADU contractor, the construction process is smooth from start to finish. It is because the contractor has the right amount of skill that the construction of an ADU requires. However, it isn\’t easy for an individual homemaker to find one. To make structure smooth and easy, myadu4less provides the best professional contractors. 

Moreover, the contractors decide the quality of the construction. Whether you are occupying space in your home for a family or renting it out, you need the help of contractors and architects. Now you will think that prefabricated homes are already built, so why do you need a contractor or architect? It would be best if you had them because contractors are directly linked to government lenders of grants. The ADU grant you get is also given through them. Further, they have the right experience and skills to help construct an ADU in less time and with fewer resources. However, finding a professional contractor in this fast-paced world is challenging. 

What is a dwelling contractor?

Accessory dwelling unit contractors help build or renovate an accessory dwelling unit on a property. You can find ADU contractors in your area through online search engines. Further, the primary purpose of prefab homes is to increase your home\’s value by allowing you to use it as additional space for guests or pets. The construction process for an ADU is similar to that of a single-family home, but there are some differences:

  • The space inside an ADU is typically half the size of the leading home\’s footprint, so you\’ll need more materials and labour to build it.
  • In addition, the structural design will be different because it must accommodate two separate structures (one large and one small).
  • The space between the two structures must be able to support itself without any additional support from its neighbours.

What makes an ADU general contractor hard to find? 

It is hard to find ADU contractors in general, but it isn\’t easy to find the right contractor. Building a guest house, casita, tiny home, or in-law unit requires much more technical expertise than building a traditional home. It is because, due to limited space, the contractor has to utilize the space more fully. Here are some difficulties you might face while finding a skilled builder.

 Limited qualified contractors  

According to the 2016–2020 statistics for Los Angeles City, only seven contractors have constructed more than ten accessory dwelling units. However, fewer than 25 contractors have built more than five, which is surprising. Further, the accessory dwelling unit builder needs to be specialized because building an ADU is a specialized niche. The process of making them is more complex than just renovating a home. Usually, we need the contractors\’ skills because of these reasons, but there is a lack of qualified contractors. Therefore, standard contractors are unable to perform garage conversions or ground-level ADUs. 

A rise in demand for ADUs

More than 10,000 ADU permits were submitted in Los Angeles between 2016 and 2020, according to statistics. To your surprise, this figure is only for Los Angeles; there are different statistics for other cities such as San Diego and so on. So hypothetically, if we aggregate the demand, the number of potential ADU builders is enormous. However, a limited number of contractors are available for every increase in the unit demand for ADUs. Additionally, the government is unable to meet the needs of the people. Good builders are burdened and refrain from taking on new projects. As a result, people have to hire unskilled ADU contractors

Lack of advertisement 

There is a common belief that good things don\’t need advertising. It is true to some extent, but as the demand gradually increases, the contractors also need advertisements. It is because most homemakers are unaware of professional builders. So they end up getting unprofessional workers. 


Often, it is best to go with an adu contractor who already has a good relationship with the local building department and inspectors. If you have a friend or family member who recently remodelled an ADU in their home, that will be your best bet for finding qualified contractors. However, little things like this don\’t matter when the property is being built for personal use. But when taking on a project with building permits and inspections, the project must stay focused on something other than red tape.

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