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What do you need to know before Talking to an ADU Contractor to Build Your ADU?

Are you just discovering that world of Accessory dwelling units (ADU contractor)? You’re at the right place with thousands of fellow Californians to get information about ADU contractors. ADUs (also known as secondary units such as the garage converted into apartments or backyard units are fantastic as they drastically improve the value of homes that already have. 

This blog post will go over the essential things you have to know before speaking to your contractor. These tips will make your life much easier and help you establish an even better collaboration with the ADU contractor or contractor.

Why You Shouldn’t Go To an ADU Contractor First

Construction contractors and builders are extremely busy individuals. Apart from managing the construction process, they also have to be involved in financial, business development, and legal processes. 

They can be frustrated or demotivated when prospective customers come up to them and are unprepared. They don’t have enough time to provide assistance and prefer to serve self-reliant customers. If you talk to the ADU Contractor before obtaining the proper permits, they may not consider the project seriously. The ability of your contractor to provide you with a price is contingent upon having completed the required preliminary work.

If you’re looking for your project to be successful, you’ll need an expert who is enthusiastic and eager to work with you. We strongly suggest meeting them at the halfway point of your preparations.

What to Do Instead

Three essential things you must consider in advances such as feasibility, design, and permits. Welcome to the process of pre-construction. Feasibility is the method of ensuring you’re legally permitted to construct the ADU within your home. The city planning office decides legality based on zoning laws, the earthquake and fire code, and the state’s building codes.

 It would help if you were acquainted with the local municipal zoning regulations to determine your rights. We can assist you in that process by providing our no-cost Property Check tool. Enter your address to check if your property is suitable. Design is as simple as condensing your idea into a design, then drawing them out on paper. After we have completed our property inspection, you can peruse our designs and consider what they could look like on your property.

Your ADU Pre-Construction Options

Suppose you’ve got a significant budget and are interested in creating a complicated project. In that case, the best option is to consult an architect in the first instance – someone who has worked for the city’s planning office before. 

A reputable architect is knowledgeable of local zoning laws and can develop a permit-based project that is built. Be aware that contractors and architects may have different incentives (aesthetics in vs. efficacy).  The best option is to find an architect and contractor team who has worked before and already has a relationship. It increases the likelihood that they’ll achieve the outcome you desire.

Questions to Ask Prospective ADU Contractors

If a homeowner is aware that their home is ADU-compliant, it is easy to be envious. It is essential to conduct your due diligence before deciding on the right contractor for a successful project.  It is crucial to choose only the most competent and knowledgeable ADU Contractor. The main point is that you do not want any surprises. These are some crucial questions to ask yourself while scouting potential contractors to construct your additional home:

  • What can you share about your understanding of ADU laws and rules?

When you begin an important project, you need peace of mind. You want to be sure that everything will be in order and that the project will be within your budget. All contractors aren’t identical, and ADU knowledge is crucial. Simply because an ADU isn’t as big as an average home does not mean that the construction is simpler. The home is still being constructed that includes a bathroom, kitchen, or living space and an entrance, which requires the installation of new plumbing and electrical systems. It’s still building a house subject to local ordinances and codes.

  • How many HTML0 ADU tasks have you worked on?

Let’s admit it. The more ADUs that a contractor has completed, the more confident you’ll feel about their handling of your project. It’s even better when the contractor has completed ADUs identical to the one you’re planning to construct, or at a minimum, built with similar construction conditions and within the same jurisdiction. A competent ADU Contractor ought to describe the whole process of the previous projects they have worked on, from beginning to finish. Professional contractors can explain the details in simple basic terms and provide the feeling of calm by explaining what you can expect step-by-step.

Connect With a Contractor

We hope this article has shown how much work must be done before speaking to an individual ADU Contractor. ADUs can also provide private accommodations for friends, family members, caregivers, and caretakers. Sometimes, homeowners can even reduce their size by moving to a new ADU for themselves. 

They can rent the main residence, generating more rental income than they normally would.