Comparing Prefab ADU Homes vs Stick-Built Homes in Sacramento

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to a traditional stick-built home? Prefab ADU homes (Accessory Dwelling Units) are becoming increasingly popular. It is the best option to create additional living space in Sacramento. However, there are many advantages to choosing an ADU Sacramento home over a stick-built home, such as lower cost, faster construction time, and more customization options. This article will compare prefab ADU homes vs stick-built homes, comparing prices and other factors to help you decide which option is best for you and your budget.

Prefab ADUs: What are they?

A “prefab” home is one that Sacramento adu builders build and then transport to its final location. There are many different types of prefabricated homes that our builders build at myadu4less. However, the main difference in construction between prefab vs stick-built homes is that prefab has all the components pre-built in a factory before being transported and assembled on-site. One of the most popular types of prefabricated housing is ADU. 

We manufacture ADU that are smaller standalone units. Typically with a bedroom and bathroom that our builders built adjacent to your main home. In addition, we make sure that the construction of such dwellings remains cheaper and more accessible. However, making them an attractive option for homeowners looking to build an extra unit on their property.

Stick-built homes: what are they?

A “stick-built” home is one you can build on-site from scratch, meaning that it does not have any components constructed off-site. Unlike prefab homes, traditional houses are built entirely on-site in one continuous process. On the other hand, all materials required to make a traditional home are brought to the site and assembled there. Further, it is typical for the work to be done by the homeowner. In comparison with prefab homes, stick-built homes are much more expensive. Although the initial maintenance cost may be higher than that of a prefab home, the long-term prices are often lower. Stick-built homes may offer more customization options. As opposed to prefabricated ADUs, you can design your own.

ADU cost Sacramento

The most apparent difference between prefab ADU homes in Sacramento and stick-built homes is their cost. Similarly, a stick-built home has a significantly higher upfront cost. Also, it has a much lower long-term cost of ownership. When comparing a stick-built home to a prefab ADU home, the difference in upfront cost is significant. However, the long-term cost of ownership is much lower with a stick-built home. 

On the contrary, prefabricated homes have a lower construction cost than traditional ones. They are also less energy-efficient and have a shorter life expectancy. The initial cost of our prefab ADU home is usually around $50,000, while a stick-built home can cost upwards of $250,000. This difference is because our builders at myadu4less use much fewer materials and have much less labor involved in their construction.

ADU construction time in Sacramento 

The construction time to build a complete ADU in Sacramento is approximately 2–3 months. However, the time may increase or decrease according to the customization needed by the homeowners. This difference in construction time is because we build prefabricated homes in a factory with all materials and equipment on site. Similarly, as the environment in the factory is controlled, the materials and labor are precise. This allows the construction of myadu4less prefabricated homes to be completed much faster than a stick-built home. 

Customization options for ADU Sacramento

One significant advantage of a stick-built home is that you can customize it to suit your needs. The materials that we use to build prefabricated houses offer customization and adjustment. Here you have the option to modify the design entirely or partially. However, the customization is affordable, and you can customize your ADU home in Sacramento in less time and money. 

Energy Efficiency of prefabricated homeowner

The energy efficiency of a stick-built home is much lower than that of a prefab ADU home. This is because a prefab home is not built from scratch. Therefore, it allows builders to use the best building materials and construction techniques. On the contrary, a stick-built home uses less energy-efficient materials. This difference in energy efficiency is one of the significant downsides of traditional houses. Furthermore, our myADU4less ADU homes typically include solar panels to improve energy efficiency. 

The resale value of ADU in Sacramento

Surprisingly, the resale value of a stick-built home is higher than that of a prefab ADU home. This is because a stick-built home is built from scratch with high-quality materials. Therefore, it lasts longer than prefabricated homes. Prefab ADU homes are built with comparatively lower-quality materials. It means they last less and have a lower resale value in Sacramento. However, the cost of construction for an ADU is lower. That is why many buyers are willing to pay as much for a prefab ADU home in Sacramento as they would for a stick-built home.


While prefab ADU homes are cheaper and easier to build, you can create an ADU in Sacramento in less time than a stick-built home, but they also come with significant downsides. The major downside of traditional houses is that they require a considerable upfront investment in money to construct. Also, they could be more energy-efficient. Therefore, a prefabricated home is built with higher-quality materials that typically last longer and are more energy-efficient.