Why Build an ADU In San Diego?

Building San Diego County ADU, sometimes known as a granny flat or a casita, is now much more straightforward, thanks to the new laws that the State of California has passed in recent years. But, we talk to many people every month who’ve heard about ADUs but aren’t aware of the hype.

Reason 1 – Family

There’s a reason why ADUs were often known as “Granny flats”. They were meant to be a space for us to provide a place to live. With older adults while providing them with some autonomy. In modern California, however, due to the rising costs of housing, rising rents, and the lack of affordable homes. It’s no longer only our grandmothers that need an apartment. The majority of residents in California are seeking ways to reduce and consolidate their expenses and living expenses. People who have an apartment with enough land to create an ADU.  Can now be the ultimate housing gurus to all their teenagers and college-age children to siblings, brothers, aunts, uncles, and even their in-laws.

In the past, partly due to the strict restrictions on building San Diego County ADU, you could find families together in the same house, sharing bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces. Although we all love our families, this kind of crowdedness can cause tension for a time. ADUs offer a separate living space that includes a kitchen, bathroom living spaces. And storage spaces so that families can disperse and maintain some autonomy and privacy. Ultimately leading to a happier family in the long run.

Reason 2 – Income/Investment

Suppose you are building for your family or for the general purpose of renting. ADUs are great for earning income and adding value. In the past, one of the most common reasons for municipalities to allow ADUs was that they did not want to convert residential neighborhoods into rental units. Due to the current housing crisis, however, the State of California has mandated. That municipalities permit the construction of ADUs and allow them to rent in addition.

Over the months, Specialty Home Improvement has been creating ADUs located in San Diego under the new laws.  We’ve discovered that most ADUs can be worth much more than the money they would cost to construct immediately following the final inspection. Consider the possibility of rental income in an expensive area like San Diego even if the homeowner has refinanced their home or used the equity line to construct the ADU typically. The rent surpasses the monthly installment for the loan. 

The value over time for the ADU will grow in line. With the value of the real estate of the primary residence. 

Reason 3 – Building San Diego County ADU for Space

Anyone who has resided throughout Southern California, realizes that more living space can be more of a luxury rather than a requirement. However, it might be cheaper to create an outside living space.  Or your house, these projects are taking longer to be approved due to the speedy processes that municipalities use to permit ADUs.

Many of our clients have decided to construct the ADU instead of evaluating the alternatives. In addition to the substantial added value, an ADU can bring to a property, A well-designed multi-purpose San Diego County ADU comes with the added benefit that it can be an utterly self-sufficient living space that generates income should be required in the future.